Breast Lift

Pregnancy, aging, and weight loss can have a significant impact on the quality of your breast tissue. Over time, gravity can impact the position and projection of your breasts, leading to breast ptosis (sagging). Women who have sagging or drooping breasts often feel that they lack a youthful appearance. Women with adequate breast volume who have begun to experience ptosis could benefit from restoring breast firmness and projection. Dr. Michael Jazayeri performs breast lift surgery to restore youthful and attractive breasts.

Benefits of Breast Lift Surgery

  • Lifts sagging tissue for firmer and shapelier breasts
  • Improves projection for perkier breasts
  • Reduces the size of enlarged areolas
  • Corrects breast asymmetry caused by breast drooping

Breast Lift Options

Various incision options are available for your breast lift surgery, and the one to be used for your procedure will depend on the extent of correction required. Dr. Jazayeri will determine the best incision for you during your initial consultation. During the procedure, excess breast skin is removed and the tissue is repositioned on the chest and sutured into place.

Periareolar Lift

  • Ideal for women who require minimal correction of breast sagging
  • Two circular incisions are created around the areola to remove a donut-shaped portion of tissue
  • The remaining skin is pulled inward and reattached to the nipple to lift and reshape the breasts

Vertical Lift

  • Ideal for women who require moderate correction of breast sagging
  • A “lollipop incision” incision is created along the outer edge of the areola and vertically down the lower breast tissue
  • Excess skin is removed to place the breasts in a higher position

Full Lift

  • Ideal for women who require extensive correction and have significant breast sagging
  • An “anchor incision” is created around the edge of the areola, down the breast tissue, and across the lower inframammary fold
  • Excess skin is removed, and internal sutures lift, reshape, and support the remaining tissue


Combining a Breast Lift and Augmentation

Women with breast ptosis who also lack the attractive volume they desire should consider combining a breast augmentation with their lift. A breast lift cannot restore lost volume, and an augmentation won’t improve drooping breast tissue. Women with breast ptosis at the time of their augmentation are more likely to develop future complications, such as double-bubble deformity or implants that bottom out. A breast lift will strengthen your breast tissue, and an augmentation will improve your breast shape and size.

Frequently Asked Breast Lift Questions

A: Women considering breast lift surgery should be in good health and have realistic expectations about their results. Breast lift surgery is designed to improve the appearance of breasts with ptosis.

A: Breast lift surgery may be performed with the patient under general or local anesthesia. While general anesthesia is more commonly used, Dr. Jazayeri may recommend local anesthesia in certain cases.

A: You will experience bruising and swelling of your breasts. A compression garment should be worn to minimize swelling and aid in healing. Most patients are able to return to work within two weeks of their procedure and can resume their daily activities, including exercise, after four weeks. Swelling should subside within six weeks but the final result will take 3-6 months.

A: It is normal to experience some mild discomfort during your recovery. Oral pain medication can be used to control any discomfort you may experience.

A: The extent of scarring will vary depending on your natural healing process and the incision used for your procedure. While patients will develop some scarring, most feel that it is worth the improvement in their breast appearance. Scarring is likely to fade over time.

A: Your results should be long lasting. Weight fluctuations and aging can affect the quality of your results, so it is important to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly to maintain the best results.

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