Our faces are a reflection of who we are, and when we begin to develop visible aging, that might not be the reflection we wish to show. Losing collagen in our facial tissues can lead to wrinkles and sagging skin. While facial fillers and laser treatments can help improve your appearance, the results are only temporary and cannot treat extensive signs of aging. A facelift is designed to eliminate excess facial skin and smooth wrinkles for a revitalized, more youthful complexion.

Facelift Areas of Correction

  • Sagging skin along the cheeks
  • Drooping facial tissues that obscure the jawline
  • Wrinkles in the lower face
  • Fat accumulation under the chin
  • Wrinkles and vertical bands around the neck

Facelift Options

There are a number of facelift techniques that can be used to erase the signs of aging. Dr. Jazayeri tailors each facelift to treat the patient’s individual needs and desires. These customized facelifts target each problem area and result in a natural, more youthful appearance.


  • Incisions are created in the hairline from the temples down and around the earlobes as well as behind the ears
  • The skin is separated from the deeper muscle layers
  • Drooping facial muscles are lifted and repositioned
  • Excess tissue is trimmed away
  • The remaining tissue is draped to highlight your new facial contours
  • This technique is ideal for patients with facial sagging around the cheeks and jawline

Mini Facelift

  • Limited incisions are created in the hairline
  • This technique targets drooping facial muscles and is ideal for patients without excess sagging skin
  • The facial muscles are lifted and repositioned
  • This technique targets the midface and cheeks, providing little correction to the jawline and neck

Neck Lift

  • The neck lift can be performed as a stand-alone procedure or in combination with a facelift
  • The incisions are placed around the ears and towards the back of the head
  • Fat is redistributed along the neck
  • Drooping platysma muscles that cause a “turkey wattle” can be tightened
  • Excess skin is trimmed away
  • Ideal for patients with sagging skin below the jawline

Combining Facial Procedures

A facelift is designed to correct aging in the lower face. However, many patients experience visible signs of aging around the eyes and in the forehead. You can choose to combine an eyelid lift or brow lift with your facelift to achieve overall facial rejuvenation during a one-time procedure. Non-surgical options such as facial fillers and laser treatments can sometimes be performed in conjunction with a facelift to smooth wrinkles and improve your skin tone.

Frequently Asked Facelift Questions

A: General or local anesthesia is used during facelift surgery to ensure patient comfort and safety. Most patients can tolerate a face and neck lift without using general anesthesia.

A: Fat can be removed during neck lift surgery, and in many cases, liposuction is used to eliminate fat and restore a more graceful contour to the neck.

A: Most patients can return to work within two weeks of their surgery. You will need to avoid strenuous physical activities for three to four weeks following your procedure. By 12 to 18 weeks, swelling should have resolved and your final results will become apparent.

A: Your face may feel tight initially, which can cause some discomfort. Oral pain medication can be used to control any discomfort and will make your recovery much more pleasant.

A: A facelift provides long-lasting correction and provides anti-aging results for many years. However, it cannot prevent additional aging from occurring. It is important to follow a good skin care routine and avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight to extend the length of your results.

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