Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical procedure that provides a permanent solution to spider veins. A dermatologist or surgeon uses a fine needle to inject a saltwater or sclerosing agent solution into the vein, which causes the vein to close. Over the next few weeks, the body will absorb the vein, erasing its appearance from the skin.


  • Safe
  • Little, if any, discomfort
  • Improves complexion as spider veins are eliminated
  • No downtime; patients can resume regular activity immediately


Ideal candidates for sclerotherapy can relate to the following:

  • Are embarrassed by visible veins on the thighs and lower legs
  • Avoid shorts, dresses, and swimwear due to unsightly veins
  • Do not have a history of blood clot formation
  • Are not pregnant

Recovery and Results

There is typically no downtime required after sclerotherapy, and patients can resume normal activity immediately. In some cases, patients will be asked to wear support stockings to keep treated veins closed and help reduce bruising. Some patients may experience the following side effects: temporary skin discoloration, skin reddening, bruising, and, in rare cases, blisters. Side effects usually improve after a couple of weeks.

After the procedure, there will be a visible reduction in the number of spider veins present, with roughly fifty to seventy percent of the treated vessels permanently gone. Not all veins respond to treatment, and since spider veins are a product of the aging process, follow-up treatment is often required.

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